The Board of Stewards

Stewards are appointed by the Pastor, serve as advisors, assist the Pastor in all administrative capacities and  help to implement courses of action to  facilitate decision making. Their duties also include:

  • Make an exact account of all money and provisions collected for the support of the Church. 

  • Establish along with the Pastor the salary and benefit package, commensurate with the cost of living and the financial capacity of the local congregation. 

  • Seek the needy and distressed in order to relieve and comfort them. 

  • Serve as spiritual lay leaders of the Church. 

  • Register all baptisms, marriages and deaths within the congregation. 

  • Survey the membership to determine the extent of each member's financial support.


The Board of Trustees

Trustees meet regularly and oversee all real, personal and mixed property interests and rights of the Church and  manage the temporal concerns of Webb Grove AME Church. Trustees serve one conference year and are elected annually by the members of the Church. 


Deaconess and Stewardess Board


Deaconesses are women with deep spiritual values and high moral character who encourage, foster, and improve the general interest of the Church; cheer the fallen; feed the hungry; clothe the naked; seek out the homeless, visit the sick, un-churched and shut-in; counsel the lonely and depressed; pray with and for those who desire prayer and encourage thrift.



The Pastor in charge may nominate one or more boards of Stewardesses, according to the size of each local church. The board is composed of women  of good character, who are in good and regular standing as members of the local church.  

The Deaconess and Stewardess assist the Pastor's Stewards in the discharge of their duties and make provisions for the support and comfort of the Pastor and his family. They are also responsible for preparation, implements and assist with the Sacraments of the Church (Holy Communion, Baptism, Altar and Pulpit). 

The Acolyte Ministry

This ministry is under the guidance of the Pastor and Stewardess Board which provides  youth with the unique and important  opportunity  to participate in the Sunday Morning Worship Service by assisting the Pastor and serving as candle lighters at the beginning and end of each worship service.

Class/Tribe Leaders

Appointed by the Pastor, these leaders are part of the spiritual support structure of the  Church, interacting between ministerial staff and communicating regularly with their assigned members (by telephone, letter, email, visits or social gathering) and provide when needed advice, guidance, counsel as well as provide a listening ear to the concerns and/or issues.


The Lucille Johnson Women's Missionary Society and Young People's Department (YPD)

Missionary Society

The Lucille Johnson Women's Missionary Society are dedicated women with a true desire to help people, provide and respond individually and collectively to mission work and uplift God's plan. They are also strong advocates for human rights and meet in conjunction with the Deaconess and Stewardess Board.



A division of the Women's Missionary Society open to all youth (ages 13-26) providing training opportunities for leadership in all areas of Church life (Evangelism, Christian Social Relations and Education) and develops knowledge and understanding of the AME Church's history, Holy Scripture  and provide opportunities for leadership experience. 


Sunday School

This ministry offers every Sunday from 9:45 to 10:45 am classes for all ages, pre-school to adult that are designed to provide students with a challenging, comprehensive and active discussion into God's Word. 


Bible Study

An inspirational study of God's Holy Word.


New Member Class

This class is taught by Pastor Strickland and provides individuals with vital information and guidance  about the AME Church and Webb Grove as they take the first step into service. Although the class is primarily for new members,  others are welcome to attend. 


The Usher Board

Serving as our doorkeepers, Webb Grove Ushers welcome  and direct the worshippers' entry into the sanctuary before and during service, assist in locating and identifying available seating, distribute bulletins and assist in the lifting of  offerings. 


The Music Department

This ministry sets the tone for our worship experience and praise through their gift of music and song. 


Webb Grove AME Bus Ministry

The bus ministry primarily provides transportation for Sunday Worship Service, however transportation is also available for other Church events (local and out-of- town meeting) . 


Webb Grove Brotherhood 

This ministry consists of male soldiers of Christ that have expressed their desire to assist in the spiritual, physical and social needs of the Church and community and  conduct monthly Church service at one the local nursing facilities for residents. Their annual events include: Men Day, 100 Men in Black Service and in conjunction with the Women ministry host an annual Brunch. 


The Lay Organization

The Lay Organization utilizes their God given abilities and skills to improve and extend the kingdom to create happiness, peace and harmony among its members.